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DELPHI type Head rotor 7185-114L

DELPHI type Head rotor 7185-114L
  • DELPHI type Head rotor 7185-114L
7 Months ago
Ad Information
This Ad were expired.

DELPHI type Head rotor 7185-114L

Our factory has established an integrated quality control system; our company has advanced metrology laboratories. Now we are manufacturing a series of Diesel Injection Parts.

For more details, please contact Vivian (
SKYPE: vivian.vivian50
TEL: 86-594-2650550
CELL: +8613799690614
FAX: 86-594-2660550

Some of the products as below:
7180-759W 344W
7180-600L 800L
7180-645L 344L
7180-655L 36L
7180-700L 800L
7180-727L 36L
7180-728L 800L
7180-965L 895L
7180-973L 976L
7180-650S 708S
7180-668S 344S
7180-977S 981S
7180-647U 344U
7180-668U 344U
" 344U
7180-722U 248U
7180-819U 820U
7180-613W 708W
7180-668W 344W
7180-572Y 91Y
7183-121K 527K
7183-128K 528K
7183-129K 043K
7183-136K 466K
7183-113L 436L
7183-125L 528L
7183-156L 878L
7183-165L 528L
7185-023L 511L
7185-101L 256L
7185-114L 314L
7185-187L 943L
7185-196L 481L
7185-197L 482L
7185-626L 215L
7185-627L 326L
7185-706L 326L
7185-906L 326L
7185-913L 326L
7185-917L 345L
7185-918L 328L
7189-267K 004K
7189-039L 004L
7189-340L 159L

Tags : head rotor,rotor head ,DELPHI head rotor ,7185-114L

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