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Advance Treatment Of Scleroderma

Advance Treatment Of Scleroderma
  • Advance Treatment Of Scleroderma
2 Days ago
Ad Information
  HOMOEOPATHIC WORLD, sector-27, noida New Delhi
Contact Information
Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj

Name : Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj

Tel. : 9811127065

Address : HOMOEOPATHIC WORLD, sector-27, noida

Zone : NCR Delhi

City : New Delhi


Advance Treatment Of Scleroderma

Scleroderma, also known as systemic sclerosis, is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease characterised by hardening of the skin. In the more severe form, it also affects internal organs.

Limited scleroderma involves cutaneous manifestations that mainly affect the hands, arms and face. It was previously called CREST syndrome in reference to the following common manifestations:
-calcinosis (the deposition of calcium nodules in the skin),
-raynaud's phenomenon (exaggerated vasoconstriction in the hands, with fingers undergoing white-blue-red color transitions in the cold),
-esophageal dysfunction (leading to difficulty swallowing),
-sclerodactyly (skin thickening on the fingers), and
-telangiectasias (dilated capillaries on the face, hands and mucous membranes).

Diffuse scleroderma is rapidly progressing and affects a large area of the skin and one or more internal organs, frequently the kidneys, esophagus, heart and/or lungs. This form of scleroderma can be quite disabling. There are no treatments for scleroderma itself, but individual organ system complications are treated.

The prognosis is generally good for limited cutaneous scleroderma persons who escape lung complications, but is worse for those with the diffuse cutaneous disease, particularly in older age and for males. Death occurs most often from lung, heart and kidney complications. In diffuse cutaneous disease, five-year survival is 70% and 10-year survival is 55%

The cause of scleroderma is unknown. It is an autoimmune condition, in which the body's immune system attacks healthy tissues. Strong associations with certain mutations in HLA genes have been identified. Strong environmental influences have also been implicated in the etiology of scleroderma.

Laboratory testing can show antitopoisomerase antibodies, like anti-scl70 (causing a diffuse systemic form), or anticentromere antibodies (causing a limited systemic form and the CREST syndrome). Other autoantibodies can be seen, such as anti-U3 or anti-RNA polymerase.

There is no cure for scleroderma, although relief of symptoms is often achieved.
Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj is successfully treating scleroderma with his expertise selection of homeopathic medicine.

contact :- dr. ramesh bhardwaj
Homoeopathic world, sector-27, noida
email id:-
contact no:- 9811127065
whatsapp no:- 9811127065

Tags : Scleroderma,systemic sclerosis

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