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Holiday apartments in Podgorica, accommodation in the city center, daily rentals,

Holiday apartments in Podgorica, accommodation in the city center, daily rentals,
  • Holiday apartments in Podgorica, accommodation in the city center, daily rentals,
3 Months ago
Ad Information
This Ad were expired.

Holiday apartments in Podgorica, accommodation in the city center, daily rentals,

Wish Montenegro, a professional real estate agency in Montenegro, brings you the best buy, rent and sell options in residential and commercial properties in Podgorica. Our agency will able to provide flats, luxury apartments, buildings, independent houses, studio flats, corporate guest houses, office spaces, bungalows, warehouses, land, shops, retail showrooms and more. We are here to assist you in all property transactions whether to buy, sell, lease, or tenancy management. Transparent and clear dealings are our forte.

Podgorica renta apartmani, renta stan, iznajmite stan na noc, privatni smjestaj u stambenim zgradama. Iznajmljivanje u potpunosti namjestenih stanova i apartmana u strogom centru grada na kraci ili duzi vremenski period. Prenociste u centru, nocenje, kraci i duzi najam u strogom centru Podgorice, najpovoljniji dnevni najam, zakup novih stanova i apartmana, rentiranje garsonjera Preko Morace, izdavanje apartmana u novim stambenim zgradama, izdavanje stanova na dan, dnevno izdavanje u Podgorici, kratkorocni i dugorocni zakup svih nekretnina na cijelom podrucju Podgorice.

Podgorica apartments, flats, houses, villas, homes, condos, offices, townhouses and other properties to rent in the City Center, New City (Preko Morace) and surrounding areas. The real estate agency Wish Montenegro was formed to support buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in Podgorica. Our experienced team offers a personal approach which caters for the discerning property seller, buyer or renter in Podgorica. Whether you are looking to rent, sell, buy or let a flat, apartment, house or commercial property our agency is the premier sales, letting and management agent in Podgorica, offering a flexible, professional real estate service to meet your needs.
All our apartments have free Wi-Fi internet, a flat-screen cable TV, air conditioning, washing machine, parking...
Podgorica rent a flat, rent an apartment, rent a house, daily rental, accommodation, short term and long term lettings. Apartments to let in Podgorica, villas to rent, furnished and unfurnished flats, apartments for rent, rent property, residential properties, vacation rentals, holiday rentals, apartment rental, flat rental…

(Crnogorski, Srpski, Hrvatski, Bosanski)
Podgorica apartmani za iznajmljivanje na dan, dva ili duzi period. Renta stan u centru grada, Preko Morace i uzem dijelu grada. Stanovi na noc, full opremljeni apartmani na dan, privatni smjestaj. Izdavanje kuca, Renta apartmani, renta stanovi, renta garsonjeru. Prenociste, stanovi, nocenje, najam, zakup, kraci i duzi najam, dnevno iznajmljivanje stanova i apartmana. Prodaja i kupovina nekretnina. Kratkorocno i duze izdavanje apartmana, stanova, kuca, poslovnih prostora…
Apartmani i stanovi imaju besplatan Wi-Fi internet, kablovsku TV, klimu, parking...

Podgorica renta stan apartman full opremljen koji se nalazi u strogom centru grada preko puta nove zgrade Vlade.
Struktura: Dnevni boravak, spavaca soba, kuhinja, trpezarija, kupatilo, balkon, hol.
Sadrzi: Wi-Fi internet, kablovsku TV, LED TV, satelitsku TV, DVD player, klimatizovan…

T: +382 67 16 16 16 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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