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Best Effective Treatment Of Pyria And Gum Bleeding

Best Effective Treatment Of Pyria And Gum Bleeding
  • Best Effective Treatment Of Pyria And Gum Bleeding
Ad Information
  New Delhi
Contact Information
Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj

Zone : NCR Delhi

City : New Delhi


Best Effective Treatment Of Pyria And Gum Bleeding

Pyria is the technical term used for describing gums disease. It is also named as bleeding gums. This usually occurs when there is inflammation of the gums, as the blood vessels beneath the gums will dilate and can rupture more easily.

During pyria patient suffers from pain during eating. Teeth and gums become sensitive to hot, cold and spicy food, thus in most cases patients have to compromise with their diet and leads to various kinds of deficiency diseases. Especially if pyria occurs during pregnancy or in adolescent girls it may lead to iron deficiency anemia. Pyria is also associated with vitamin-C deficiency. Tooth loss and gum infection in severe cases.

Homoeopathic Cure:-
Homoeopathic medicine can function as adjunct to the conventional method of curing pyria. These remedies are safe and effective. Pyria can be reversed pretty quickly after treatment as the gums tend to heal back very quickly, when steps taken during early stages a complete reversal of disease is possible.

Homoeopathy remedy is strongly recommended for Pyria!!!

Contact: -
Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj
Homoeopathic world, Noida, India
Contact no: - 0-9811127065
Email id: - dr. rameshbhardwaj@yahoo. com
Website: - http://www. homoeopathic-world. com

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