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Dissolve Lipoma With Medicine.....No Surgery!!!

Dissolve Lipoma With Medicine.....No Surgery!!!
  • Dissolve Lipoma With Medicine.....No Surgery!!!
Ad Information
Contact Information
Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj

Name : Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj

Tel. : 0-9811127065

Zone : Andhra Pradesh

City : Hyderabad


Dissolve Lipoma With Medicine.....No Surgery!!!

A lipoma is a slow-growing, fatty tumor situated between your skin and the underlying muscle layer. Often a lipoma is easy to identify because it moves readily with slight finger pressure. It's doughy to touch and usually not tender. You could have several that persist for years. Lipomas can occur at any age, but they're most often detected in middle age.

The cause of lipomas is not completely understood, but the tendency to develop them is inherited. A minor injury may trigger the growth.

Symptoms of a lipoma

Except swelling or mass which causes cosmetic disfigurement, no other symptoms are usually seen.
* Are small [0.4 in. to 1.2 in.] and felt just under the skin.
* Are movable and have a soft, rubbery consistency.
* Do not cause pain.

Homeopathic Approach on lipoma

Lipoma is a cosmetic illness.

Does surgical excision cure the condition?


So, never go for surgical options to get it removed. Usually surgical removal causes it to spread to other places for unknown reasons. So surgeons never assure non-recurrence in the same or other places.

Some people think that the lipoma is due to excess fat content of the body or obesity and so they keep on doing exercise and diet restriction to reduce weight. Even after reducing weight considerably, there wonโ€™t be any change in the lipoma.

Even though nobody thinks of Homeopathy for lipoma, considering it as a pure surgical disorder, Homeopathy can treat lipoma.

Homeopathy treatment can also surely arrest new lipoma formation. Also there will be reduction in size of the lipomas to residuals i.e., swelling gets softened and flattened, so that visibility can be reduced and then vanish. Better results can be attained if treatment is started earlier. If it is in initial stages, it will disappear completely. Homeopathy treatment can abort this tendency by improving the immune system.

Contact : Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj
"Homoeopathic World", Noida
Mobile : 0-9811127065
email id:-
website -

Tags : Lipoma fat cell tumor, fatty tissue tumor, fat tumor, ganglion

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