Apartments, flats, and houses to let, rent, lease and sale in Podgorica Montenegro -
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Apartments, flats, and houses to let, rent, lease and sale in Podgorica Montenegro

Apartments, flats, and houses to let, rent, lease and sale in Podgorica Montenegro
  • Apartments, flats, and houses to let, rent, lease and sale in Podgorica Montenegro
4 Months ago
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Apartments, flats, and houses to let, rent, lease and sale in Podgorica Montenegro

Podgorica real estate agency, rent a flat, rent an apartment, rent a house, daily rental, apartments, flats to rent for short or long term. Podgorica short-term accommodation, letting agency, vacation rentals, short term lettings, short stay, short-term rental, apartment rental, flat rental, cheap apartments. Podgorica apartments to rent for a day, night, properties for sale. Apartments to let in Podgorica, flats to lease, houses and villas to rent, furnished and unfurnished flats, apartments for rent, rent property, residential properties, holiday rental. Daily, weekly, monthly rental in Podgorica. Looking to rent or buy a flat, apartment, house in Podgorica, then you are on right place? Please contact us so you can get the best possible service.

(Crnogorski) (Srpski) (Hrvatski)
Renta stan u Podgorici, rentirajte apartman po promo cijeni. Dnevno, nedjeljno i mjesecno iznajmljivanje apartmana i stanova u stambenim zgradama u centru Podgorice, Preko Morače i uzem dijelu grada. Prenociste u Podgorici pocev od 29 EUR noc, rent a stan, kraci najam stanova, renta apartman sa diskrecijom. Podgorica nekretnine, renta apartman na dan. Povoljan smjestaj, jeftino prenociste, jeftino dnevno iznajmljivanje, najam garsonjera, zakup stana na dan, dva i duže, izdavanje garsonjera, prodaja i kupovina nekretnina, stan na dan, apartman na noc. Kratkoročno i duze iznajmljivanje garsonjera stanova, apartmana i kuca.

Podgorica apartments, flats, houses, villas, homes, condos, offices, townhouses and other properties to rent in the City Center, New City (Preko Morace) and surrounding areas. The real estate agency Wish Montenegro was formed to support buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in Podgorica. Our experienced team offers a personal approach which caters for the discerning property seller, buyer or renter in Podgorica. Whether you are looking to rent, sell, buy or let a flat, apartment, house or commercial property our agency is the premier sales, letting and management agent in Podgorica, offering a flexible, professional real estate service to meet your needs.
All our apartments have free Wi-Fi internet, a flat-screen cable TV, air conditioning, washing machine, parking...
Podgorica rent a flat, rent an apartment, rent a house, daily rental, accommodation, short term and long term lettings. Apartments to let in Podgorica, villas to rent, furnished and unfurnished flats, apartments for rent, rent property, residential properties, vacation rentals, holiday rentals, apartment rental, flat rental…

(Crnogorski, Srpski, Hrvatski, Bosanski)
Podgorica apartmani za iznajmljivanje na dan, dva ili duzi period. Renta stan u centru grada, Preko Morace i uzem dijelu grada. Stanovi na noc, full opremljeni apartmani na dan, privatni smjestaj. Izdavanje kuca, Renta apartmani, renta stanovi, renta garsonjeru. Prenociste, stanovi, nocenje, najam, zakup, kraci i duzi najam, dnevno iznajmljivanje stanova i apartmana. Prodaja i kupovina nekretnina. Kratkorocno i duze izdavanje apartmana, stanova, kuca, poslovnih prostora…
Apartmani i stanovi imaju besplatan Wi-Fi internet, kablovsku TV, klimu, parking...

T: +382 67 16 16 16 (Viber, WhatsApp)

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